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Strengthening Nevada’s Economy

Catherine is focused on lowering costs and making sure Nevada’s economy works for everyone, from small business owners to workers and the travel and tourism industry that supports so many jobs across the state. She was the deciding vote to pass about $3,000 in middle-class tax cuts to Nevada families because she knows Nevadans deserve to keep more of the money they earn.

To lower health care expenses for Nevada families, Catherine has championed legislation to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month and allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.

Catherine is leading efforts to hold Big Oil companies accountable for high gas prices, pushing commonsense measures to lower these costs and calling out these massive corporations for raising prices on Nevadans while sitting on 9,000 drilling permits and refusing to increase our oil supply. She is leading legislation to investigate Big Oil for potential price gouging.

As part of her work to lower housing costs, Catherine secured $500 million to build middle-class housing in Nevada, and she is leading legislation to crack down on discriminatory lending practices based on race, sex, and religion.

When the coronavirus crushed Nevada’s economy, Catherine stood up and fought for emergency relief to save Nevada’s small businesses, workers, and communities that were hurting. She supported sending $1,400 stimulus checks to more than 1.6 million Nevadans. She personally fought for and secured millions in relief for communities and businesses that rely on tourism and she provided relief to help over 118,000 Nevada businesses keep their doors open and their employees paid.

In the Senate, Catherine works every day to strengthen Nevada’s economy and create more jobs for people in every community of the state. She voted to raise the minimum wage and worked with Democrats and Republicans to strengthen American manufacturing and set up a domestic supply chain of critical minerals, helping us compete with the Chinese government while creating jobs in Nevada.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill Catherine passed is making a big difference for communities across Nevada, helping spur our economic recovery and bringing thousands of new jobs to the state while funding critical road and bridge construction, and combating drought and wildfires.


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