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Where Catherine Stands On the Issues

Catherine Cortez Masto is an independent voice for Nevada who works with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to strengthen our economy, create good-paying jobs, lower health care costs, and keep Nevadans safe.


"We clearly made an excellent choice in sending this reasonable, moderate and eminently capable lawmaker to the Capitol."

Las Vegas Sun Editorial


“Our newest senator is a fighter — as she proved during her tenure as Nevada’s attorney general.”

Editorial, Elko Daily Free Press


"Cortez Masto uses apolitical, no-nonsense style to search for rare common ground"

The Nevada Independent


“Cortez Masto stressed her desire to be a voice and a resource for all Nevadans, regardless of zip code or party affiliation.”

Ely Times

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Strengthening Nevada’s Economy

Catherine is focused on making sure our economy works for everyone, from small business owners to workers and our world-class travel and tourism industry. When the pandemic hit, she stood up for Nevadans when we needed her most, securing emergency relief for the tourism industry and loans for more than one hundred thousand Nevada businesses. She worked to secure one of the biggest middle class tax cuts in decades for Nevada families and passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that is bringing thousands of jobs to her state. She also helped craft bipartisan legislation that aims to bring home jobs by taking on the Chinese government, protecting American intellectual property and bolstering domestic manufacturing.


Supporting Law Enforcement and Keeping Nevada Safe

Catherine has worked closely with law enforcement throughout her career to keep Nevadans safe, both as Nevada’s Attorney General and in the Senate. She’s been a leader in the fight to stop sex trafficking and hold perpetrators accountable while enhancing assistance for survivors. In the Senate, Catherine has led both Republicans and Democrats in delivering federal funding to local law enforcement agencies, including to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department after the Route 91 massacre, and improving mental health and suicide resources for law enforcement.

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Expanding Access to Affordable Health Care

Catherine has consistently fought to protect health care coverage for Nevadans while lowering costs. She repeatedly voted to defend the Affordable Care Act and continue providing affordable health care coverage to tens of thousands of Nevadans. Catherine is also the Senate leader on addressing mental health issues, focusing in particular on crisis services and student wellness after Nevada faced a surge of teen suicides during the pandemic.

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Strengthening our National Security and Supporting Battle Born Veterans

Catherine is focused on keeping America safe, no matter what. She repeatedly backed pay raises for our service members and led efforts to overhaul military housing. She is a relentless advocate for our veterans, helping countless Nevada veterans access the benefits they earned, including for mental health care. She ended a decade-long fight by securing approval to build a veterans cemetery in Elko, and she’s leading legislation to support men and women who were injured in the line of duty and improve the benefits they receive at home.


Protecting Our Environment and Combating Climate Change

Catherine is fighting to address the impact of climate change that is harming Nevada’s environment, she’s defending our public lands, and she’s championing job-creating investments in clean energy.


Combating Drought and Wildfires

When extreme drought and wildfires struck home, Catherine stood up for Nevada and delivered real results.


Standing with Dreamers and Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Catherine is proud to stand with Nevada’s Dreamers. She knows that immigrants are critical to our economy and is leading efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform and improve our border security.

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Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

Catherine has been a leader in the Senate to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse in government and save taxpayers millions of dollars.


Defending A Woman’s Right To Choose

Catherine proudly stands with the vast majority of Nevadans who are pro-choice.


Ensuring Nevada Students Can Access a Quality Education

Catherine attended Las Vegas public schools and has worked throughout her career to make sure Nevada students have access to a quality education. When Las Vegas faced a student suicide crisis during the pandemic, Catherine fought in the Senate to reopen our schools and get Nevada students the mental health support they need. Catherine and her sister were the first in their family to graduate from college, and she has worked to make higher education more affordable for students across Nevada.


Protecting Tribal Communities

Catherine is a leader in the Senate advocating for tribal communities in Nevada. She has passed historic legislation to combat the epidemic of missing, murdered, and trafficked Indigenous women and has worked to secure critical funding for tribal education, housing, health care, and infrastructure.

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Access to Affordable Housing

Catherine grew up in Nevada and wants to make sure every Nevada family can afford a safe place to live and call home. In the Senate, she is leading efforts to lower housing costs and crack down on discriminatory lending practices that target women, communities of color, and rural Nevada. When Nevadans were struggling to make rent and pay for their mortgages during the pandemic, it was Catherine who stood up for them and delivered critical housing relief so they could stay in their homes.

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Delivering for Rural Communities

Catherine is always fighting for Nevada’s rural communities, working with anyone to deliver for them. She led the Senate fight to protect Nevada’s family farms and ranches from an unfair tax hike. She took on her own party and stopped new mining taxes that would have threatened Nevada mining jobs. And she’s delivered critical support for rural hospitals and veterans while expanding high-speed internet so rural Nevada students and small businesses can succeed.

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