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MEMO: State of the Nevada Senate Race

Jun 15, 2022

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto gets Nevada and always puts her state first. She was a tough-on-crime Attorney General and her strong record of delivering for Nevadans is a sharp contrast from Adam Laxalt, a corrupt politician who is out for himself – not Nevada.

The Cortez Masto campaign is using our sizable cash-on-hand advantage, fueled by more than 174,000 grassroots supporters, to tell Catherine’s story to English and Spanish-speaking voters across the state. Meanwhile Nevada Democratic Victory is running the largest-ever coordinated campaign for a midterm in Nevada.




  • The former top law enforcement official in Nevada, Catherine is endorsed by the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers and the Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition, representing 19 law enforcement and public safety unions and thousands of officers.
  • Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have signed Catherine’s bills to support the police into law and she recently secured the most federal funding for local law enforcement in over a decade.
  • As Attorney General, Catherine earned praise from Republican Governor Brian Sandoval for leading the passage of bills to increase penalties against sex traffickers in Nevada.

Nevadans don’t trust Catherine’s opponent, Adam Laxalt. Even with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell campaigning for him, Laxalt’s Washington, DC allies had to spend more than $2 million before his primary to boost Laxalt and defeat his unknown Republican opponent.

To date, Laxalt and his allies have focused nearly all of their communication – including paid advertising – on his endorsement from Donald Trump. Ahead of the general election, Nevadans will be reminded why they rejected him the last time he ran.

A corrupt politician: Laxalt abused his Attorney General office to benefit his campaign donors: he fought an investigation into Big Oil and was caught on tape pressuring Nevada’s chief gaming regulator to help another top supporter — in total these billionaire donors bankrolled millions in outside spending to get him elected. After voters rejected his bid for Governor in 2018, Laxalt immediately cashed in, making nearly $3 million dollars working for a longtime Washington, DC lobbyist. His firm’s clients include special interests, such as Big Oil companies that have made record profits while raising gas prices.

An anti-abortion extremist: Laxalt signed onto multiple legal efforts to roll back abortion access as Attorney General and supported restricting access to common forms of birth control. Laxalt stands against the 69% of Nevadans who are pro-choice. He said overturning Roe v. Wade was “an historic victory” and told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he would support a measure to overturn Nevada’s abortion protections with a strict state-level abortion ban.

Campaigning on the Big Lie: As Donald Trump’s campaign co-chair in Nevada, Laxalt led efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and wants the power to do so going forward if he doesn’t like the results. He is planning lawsuits and willing to break rules to overturn elections and seize power.

A lifelong Nevadan, Catherine Cortez Masto has a record of working with Democrats and Republicans, always delivering for her state. That’s a strong contrast from Adam Laxalt, a corrupt politician who is out for himself – not Nevada.


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